Thursday, February 22, 2007

Relive the evening - wefcpod ep 2 now out

Early notice that I've just mixed and uploaded episode 2 of the podcast to the server. If you subscribe through iTunes it'll happen automatically - otherwise you need to revisit
Safari works best, it'll give you a clickable feed to download the mp3 file.

Fuller write-up and links when I get time tomorrow. If you don't believe that technical advice and stand-up comedy go together, listen to this! Includes highlights of Larry Jordan's 'Stump the Guru', interviews with Larry and Oscar Stringer, plus my brief commentary on Ofcom and BBC proposals.

A full 36+ minutes of information and entertainment.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

When Larry came to town - Feb's meeting

All those who were there will agree that was quite some night last week, when Larry Jordan visited the wefcpug. The BBC's Pete Lawrence did the warm-up act, Larry gave what turned out to be a lively and stimulating presentation on 'Livetype' (and, to be honest, who'd have thought ANYONE could make an interesting 40 minutes of that!), our very own Oscar Stringer demo'd 'I Can Animate' and Larry joined the 'Stump the Guru'. We didn't stump him, of course.

Links for this month:

Larry's website

I Can Animate

A fuller report on 'Out Of Vision - the wefcpod' Episode 2, when I get time to put it together. Should be later this week. This month's edition will include a substantial chunk of the 'Stump the Guru', exclusive post-match interviews with Larry and with Oscar, plus news and views, if I have any. In the meantime, here's some more of Richard's gallery.

Pete Lawrence's standup routine

Larry counts up the attendees

Oscar adjusts Prospero's hat

Thursday, February 08, 2007

We met the man

Both wefcpug guy Richard & wefcpug guy Phil had a day out in town, visiting the Video Forum show, and shook the hand of a slightly jet-lagged Larry Jordan, who's coming to Bristol next week. (Don't forget to book your place at the Thursday wefcpug with Richard).

Our other mission was to report on the Show - a report destined for the podcast if not the meeting, which will be action-packed. If you went and YOU have a 'best of show' to share, drop me a line ( or append your comments to this post.

upgrade to podcast feed

Hi folks

the content hasn't changed for episode 1 but there's now a grown-up XML feed compatible with iTunes and the works, URL for this is
The easiest way I've found to get this all up and working (assuming you want to) is to open that URL in Safari, and then down the bottom right of the result you'll see a link to 'Subscribe in iTunes'. Click that and for the rest of time iTunes will synchronise with whatever's new on the podcast feed. And now you get information about each episode. Artwork will follow!!
FYI the podcast has also been submitted to the iTMS directory, so it'll come up on a search one day soon.

The podcast is now live in the iTunes podcast directory. I've added a 'subscribe via iTunes' button to the right hand sidebar, newly spruced up - Phil

Friday, February 02, 2007

Out Of Vision - the wefcpod

'Out Of Vision' episode 1 is now available for downloading. The previous post, slightly revised today (2nd Feb) contains technical details if you're not sure about downloading a podcast.
The web address for the downloads (which is an RSS feed, compatible with iTunes Music Store and browsers such as Safari) is

What's in episode 1, and further links:

  • US FCP guru Larry Jordan speaks about his forthcoming Seminar series here in the UK, in an exclusive interview. To book places on the seminars, visit Larry's website . Larry's coming to the next wefcpug meeting - wefcpug members can receive a special discount on the ticket prices.
  • Pete Lawrence, from the BBC in Bristol, talks in another exclusive interview about the progress made in the last 12 months and future plans, as the BBC adopts FCP within its digital programme making strategy.

  • A chance to hear sample tracks from local composer Claudio Ahler's new album of production music 'Dreams of the Delta', distributed by Boost Music.
    Links for : Claudio's Website, Boost Music.