Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Readers' Lives

I've just been looking at the latest stats for this blog and the podcast, and there are a couple of factoids I had to share. Greetings to our readership in Spain, Dubai, the Czech republic, S Africa and all our US fanbase in LA and Delaware.

Especial greetings to the London reader who came to the wefcpug blog by means of a Google search for 'Bristol Spanking Bottoms'. I confess myself equally puzzled by both the nature of the search question, and the fact that it apparently led to this blog. Must have a look at previous postings again.

(And, to forestall all you smart alecs, yes I realise that by including the term 'Bristol Spanking Bottoms' - twice now - in a post I have further increased our page ranking on this very search, and probably got us banned by several profanity screening engines.)

Early notice of October meeting

The next meeting is on Monday October 1st and is being kindly hosted by Finalize Media at their post production facilities off Richmond Hill, Bristol BS1.

For more details, inlcuding links to maps of how to get there, visit the usual
and pause to admire Richard's new design. Eagle-eyed readers will also spot a new sponsor's logo, but you'll have to wait until the meeting to hear the exciting details.

I also read in the preview of the meeting that I'll be presenting some exciting web research, so I'd better go and do some.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Whilst we were away

Quite a lot has happened over the last couple of months, some of which I noticed and tried to sum up in the slide-show at last week's wefcpug meeting. It's now available as episode 5½ in the "Out of Vision" podcast series, with a 'presenter's commentary' courtesy of the feature in Keynote. No time for me to polish or even edit - the real podcast series resumes later on this month!

The links I mentioned in the talk are as follows:

video on the iPhone is on the Apple Developer site where there's a link called 'ADC on iTunes' - I showed clips from videos in the WWDC 2007 Leopard series, and the 'Developing video for iPhone' link below. You may need to register (free)with the site to download, although these may be free access.

the news about Flash 9 player in beta is at
where you should also find a download link (remember it's BETA).