Sunday, May 31, 2009

Coming soon to the UK

In case you haven't heard the rumours, and the banner gif on this site hasn't rotated to the right page, it's been confirmed that Walter Murch, fcp guru, Hollywod editor and all-round top geezer is headlining at the London Supermeet later on in June. Follow the clicky-link on the image to read more and book your tickets.

Has to be worth a visit, even worth the hassle of breathing the London air!

And there's more to come - the UK is going to be the centre of the FCP world this summer - just you wait and see!

- don't forget wefcpug meeting tomorrow night as I write, that'll be June 1st -

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The June 2009 meeting - next Monday

A reminder that we've changed to the first Monday for the June meeting, which means it's next Monday: June 1st, usual place and time (BBC Bristol, prompt start at 7pm). Exact room to be decided yet...

On the agenda:

we're pleased to welcome back Darren Godwin and Donald Sievewright from Matrox, they're just embarking on a world tour - well, OK, a UK tour, with a couple of new products, and they've put us on top of the list to see them. This month we get a chance to see the MXO2 mini, and here I quote Darren:

We will be showing the MXO2 Mini which is a portable HDMI/Component I/O for Mac and PC. It's a snip at £338 and is ideal for the enthusiast or field editor. It can also be used by the workgroup editor who uses shared storage/IO and needs accurate monitoring at the desktop.

If we give them a warm enough reception, they're promising to come back in July with another surprise.

And speaking of surprises, the rest of the agenda may well be a surprise to Richard and myself. As I write wires are humming, demo software has been promised, Richard is flexing his mouse hand.

Plus the usual 'Stump the Experts' and the best editing gossip to be had in Bristol that night.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Diary dates

Write-ups of previous meetings and discussions are yet to come, but here in advance are the dates of the next few meetings, which we've had to move from our regular pattern - OK we're continuing with our usual highly irregular pattern.

June meeting is 1st June

July meeting is 6th July - this is a special, marking the end of another wefcpug year (year 5)

no August meeting (we 'could' skype each other from villas / gites / beaches but we won't)

September is our 5th birthday - tentatively 14th September - and it's going to be extra special. Promise.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Next meeting - May 11th

Those second Mondays keep on rolling around, and guess what there's another one next week.
So it's wefcpug week, see you at the Beeb in Bristol on Monday May 11th 7pm kickoff.

More news to come on this channel tomorrow.

BTW the website may say the next meeting is on March 9th, but that's only if your name is 'Who' or you're looking to meet up with the Eloi.