Friday, September 28, 2012

Another favourite returns

Elliott has posted me this link, an irresistible conjunction of the 'Downfall' movie clip we all know and love, and the current ahem embarrassment of Apple's mapping difficulties.

One quibble though: it's 'mein Führer' not 'meine'.   Führer being masculine, and singular.  That's what comes of doing a German O-level.  My Latin schooling was pretty good too, better than Eton could offer, obviously.

Thanks to Elliott for the first link, and thanks to YouTube and the Manchester Grauniad for the embed codes.   I see the Letterman clip is courtesy of 'Worldwide Pants' which is the name of Letterman's production company, not a comment on the content.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wefcpug 2012-3 season

Hello to those of you whose email addresses are still current in my address book, and to whom this seems vaguely familiar.  (If you've not had an email and are feeling hurt, send me (Phil) your address.  I've probably mis-typed it in the past.)

Richard and I are currently tinkering with the engine and kicking the tyres of wefcpug, with a view to starting up again in October,  on the 8th (due to other conflicting gigs). 

In the meantime, it's your call again.  We need your ideas on subjects to cover this year - whether it should be production hardware or apps, content or design, business or pleasure - please don thinking caps and proffer your suggestions.

Currently it's looking good for us to continue meeting in the room at the back of the Beeb bar - just don't rely on an Apple map to get you there (still got gMaps on my android phone, tee hee).

The builders and decorators will shortly be in at the wefcpug blog too, so there will be a bit of a hiatus here over the next week.  (again).