About us

This blog was the continuing history of the wefcpug, that's the West of England Final Cut Pro user group, to give us our full title.  At the time of writing (July 2014) we've been taking a short break to regroup.   This is mostly due to the fragmentation of edit systems that began in 2013, initially with the launch of FPC X, but also with the relaunches of Lightworks (now on the mac as a beta program) and Adobe's Premiere Pro.

Currently we've no plans for regular meetings, although there are infrequent get-togethers of previous group members.  Future plans will be promoted here.

The blog is written by me, Phil Ashby - that's me on the left, not in the middle - you can email me phil at wefcpug dot org dot uk
We have a website too, which is www.wefcpug.org.uk but you've probably worked that out by now.
The other chap, that's Gromit Richard Atherton - he's the one who writes the website wefcpug.org.uk